"I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation to Linda! I carry stress in my shoulders and have TMJ. This means I have suffered throughout the years with migraines and periods of limited flexibility. After trying prescription and over the counter medications for the symptoms, I called Linda to help alleviate the source of the problem. Her intuitive skills, education, and experience meant she was able to locate and release the source of muscle tension in my body. I finally had extended relief without the medication! She taught me some simple stretches, body awareness, and offered suggestions to help keep the pain away. Now when I start to notice the pain coming back, instead of calling in a refill, I call Linda. For me, nothing compares to the relief of her massages!" 


"Linda is a god send. I suffer from Depression and Migraines. Linda helped me by using everything from essential oils, therapeutic massage, reiki, and crystal healing. Linda helped me tremendously. You will not find a more reliable, honest, caring, and knowledge person." 


"Not only are her services relaxing but they are therapeutic.  A truly gifted practitioner, Linda has an intuitive gift that she uses through Reiki and massage. I consider her part of my holistic medical care team."


"It is with great pleasure that I write this review about Linda Levesque. I have had Reiki massage, therapeutic foot baths, and received essential oils from her and she  has helped me tremendously with a variety of conditions. These include but are not limited to acid reflux, headaches,  anxiety, muscle aches, and stress. I found Linda to be trustworthy and extremely  knowledgeable and caring. Her dedication, compassion, and commitment to her clients is evident in everything she does. Her desire to help others has led her to pursue many new and creative methods of healing.  She is truly gifted and my interactions with her have left me stronger, more positive, and healthier. For all these reasons and more I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in the highest quality care."


Client Testimonials

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